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This Tutorial uses the Arch Workbench. It is the approach I am using to get a decent result with minimal frustration. I am not an Architect, Engineer or Building. So it is probably wrong in many ways, just an attempt to help get passed the FreeCAD learning curve. Hope it helps!

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29 ReactiesReageer!

  • Thanks for video.
    I have to use Line or Rectangle for wall base, because I cannot modify (if I need) the vertexes of Wire. When I make double click on wire, vertexes become white, but when I try to select one of them to move it, nothing happens.
    I mean, I cannot change the length of single lines of wire, so I cannot change the length of a single wall.
    Instead, I can change the length of line or rectangle, and so the length of wall changes.
    Dou you know why I cannot move the vertexes of wire?
    I'm using FreeCAD 0.18 on Linux Mint.

  • Lol, the blind leading the blind here…
    You didn't explain what you were doing half the time so I could not duplicate your work.
    It should not matter what direction you draw your wire to create a roof that you desire. What happens when you copy the floor line and move it up to make the roof line? The right roof? The wrong roof? I do not think you are ready to teach this subject until you learn how things work.
    Thanks for trying.

  • I've never seen a CAD program in my life, it is three and a half minutes into my first tutorial, and I have the outline to my house. This is exactly what I was looking for and I can't thank you enough.

  • There is no odd reason , it is a valid reason. I am venturing to do the same but go the next step and introduce the finished work in Blender and add to it to make it photorealistic. It is not odd , it is a great idea.

  • I'm just starting out on a similar venture so I really appreciate this info share! I love the x/y locking, that's a really handy feature. To throw a tip back your way, if you use the Extension (···) or Perpendicular (⟂) snapping modes you can draw lines like that interior wall easily. Cheers!

  • Thanks for the taking the time to put the video together. To put your mind at rest over the 1st door height, if you review the steps closely, you left in the "feet" part of the initial measurement, so your input was essentially saying "six-feet-8-inches-feet" which is pretty confusing. Hard to spot since "' looks very like ". Would probably be nicer if the interface told you it didn't understand the measurement you entered, but instead the program accepts it as "6 feet plus 8 feet" and so gave you a fourteen foot door.

  • I get where you are coming from but the talking and not describing what you are doing the how and the why makes this really unhelpful. Start with the basics, like why you clicked the hash to switch on a grid, how you orientated it, the entering of the lines you're drawing whilst talking random nonsense rather than describing what you are actually doing doesn't describe the content of your tutorial. Re hash this with why, and how it will be a great tutorial.

  • I get the model of your house thing. I actually plan to build my own house, I lost almost all my money actually so I'm trying to find work so I can get back to that goal. But anyways I like trying to model out my house in these programs also. Mostly so I know how much material and how the plumbing would work out and everything, but also just because I enjoy doing it.

  • Thanks for the help. There's a lot of little things you just have to learn from someone else before you can really understand how the program works. And I appreciate you being the person that helped.

  • For some reason whenever I try to build the wall, I'm getting an error saying <class 'TypeError'>: Line constructor accepts:

    — empty parameter list

    — LineSegment

    — LineSegment,double,double

    — Line,double,double

    — Point, Point

    Any solution to that?

  • Thanks this has given me a good start with arch. I have been using part design and sketcher with good result for a while. But what i cant understand with arch is just where is the window that i placed. I can see it but cant see any measurements describing location in the tree. If i move the window then the tree object describes how it moved but not its actual location. What am i missing. Thanks still working through your vids.


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