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DIY Loft Bed and Staircase Build With $Free.99 Plans


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Step by Step Plans to build your own:

List of all the materials you will need to complete the project:

Total Cost: $688.53

Tools Used:
– Hammer
– Circular Saw
– Drill
– Ratchet
– 1/2″ ratchet
– 3/8″ ratchet
– 1 1/2″ Forstner bit (other drill bit will work too)
– 3/4″ Forstner bit (other drill bit will work too)
– 1/4″ drill bit
– Philips screw head
– Measuring tape
– Straight edge
– Hand saw
– 1″ Chisel
– Sand Paper
– Paint Brush
– Paint Roller
– Paint Pan

San Francisco Rent is notoriously expensive. My family of 3 decided it was a priority to live in Downtown SF even though we only had a salary of $65k. To do that, we had to get creative. I expanded our 400 sqft apartment by an additional 54SF with a sleeping loft and stairs that double as storage. I documented the build of this loft on YT, but wanted to break it down for you guys in written format here. I started the YouTube channel 6 weeks ago related to how my family earns, spends and invests our money. Our apartment costs about $51.6/sqft/year, this loft saved us $2786/year with the extra 54 square feet it added. Over 3 years that’s a $8356 savings on a $688 materials cost investment. That’s a 1200% ROI not taking into account the time it took to build, but I enjoy that and the emotional reward of knowing I built the thing I use every night.

It sustained 3 earthquakes and many (micro) dance parties.