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Getting Your First Art Job – Asking Pros


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It’s one thing to have art be your hobby, but it’s another to make it a full-time gig. These 20 artists who work in the entertainment industry reveal how they jump started their careers. Hopefully you can use these inspiring stories as a way to carve your own path.

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Asking Pros Season 2:

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Thumbnail Art by Sean Galloway
Thank you to all the artists that participated:
Pascal Campion:
Bobby Chiu:
Sean Galloway:
T.J. Geisen:
Erik Gist:
Sanford Greene:
Brian Haberlin:
Peter Han:
Cutter Hays:
Eliza Ivanova:
Karl Kopinski:
Colin Lawler:
Vanessa Lemen:
Sean Andrew Murray:
Lucio Parrillo:
Stephen Silver:
William Stout:
Philip Tan:
Marshall Vandruff:
Chrissie Zullo:

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Interviewer | Producer – Stan Prokopenko (
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Camera Operator – Stephen Clark (
Editing – Stephen Clark

Artists Interviewed:
Philip Tan ( Sean Galloway ( T.J. Geisen ( Sanford Greene ( Cutter Hays ( Marshall Vandruff ( Erik Gist ( Brian Haberlin ( Peter Han ( Stephen Silver ( Bobby Chiu ( Karl Kopinski ( William Stout ( Lucio Parrillo ( Eliza Ivanova ( Vanessa Lemen ( Sean Andrew Murray ( Pascal Campion ( Colin Lawler ( Chrissie Zullo (

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