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One of the previous videos on how to make a diy bow , got a lot of feedback, and so we decided to make this project. For the manufacture of the crossbow, we used oak and ash. Of course, we are not professionals in the manufacture of crossbows, but with some woodworking skills, we did a good job in our opinion with this project. We glued the main crossbow from oak with dimensions of 90mm 65mm 800mm. We made the arms of the bow from oak lamellas, and the central part from ash. Ash is a more resilient and stronger wood than oak, so we used it in the central part. We used polyester string for the bow. For the manufacture of the arrow, we used a 9mm wooden base. This video was filmed for content on a YouTube channel and after being made, the crossbow was destroyed. The video is not a guide to making a crossbow, and we do not recommend repeating it. Thank you for watching.