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LEGO Creator Modular Skate House Unboxing, Speed Build & Review!


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Hi LEGO fans! Here’s my LEGO Creator Modular Skate House 31081 review, one of the new 3-in-1 2018 LEGO Creator sets. Modular Skate House comes with 422 LEGO elements and includes two minifigures, a boy and a girl plus skateboard and scooter for some LEGO skate park action. You can also build a LEGO arcade complete with video games and a cafe or go all out and build a full LEGO skate park. My favorite is the modular skate house which comes with LEGO skate ramp, monkey bars, rock climbing wall and a roof terrace with basketball hoop and where, for some reason, graffiti painting is allowed!

The LEGO Creator modular skate house is modular and breaks into about eleven modules which you can use to reconfigure the LEGO skate house to your specifications. The LEGO arcade and LEGO skate park alternate 3-in-1 builds are very cool but do require you to completely rebuild the set as it’s not possible to build them from the skate house modules.

There are two rooms inside the modular skate house featuring flat screen TV and some shameless self-promotion with a poster featuring the LEGO Creator Rocket Rally Car.

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