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Queen Size Bed Frame DIY


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Metal pipe legs:

Land To House Air Mattress.

In this video I show you how to make a Queen Sized Bed Frame. This is a very sturdy frame made from wood and metal legs. If you are going to be using a foam style mattress without box springs then you can follow along with the cuts that are made in the video. If you are going to use a boxspring then use the alternate cuts to accommodate the extra size of the box springs. I built this bed for $110 but prices may vary depending on where you live. Shopping Big box stores will almost double the cost.

You will need a few materials to complete this project:
9 = 8″x1″ Pipes
18 = 1″ floor flanges
7 = 2x6x96 boards
6 to 12 = 2x4x93 boards
1-1/4″ screws
2″ screws
3″ screws

Final cuts:
Sides- 2@80.5″
Head/foot- 2@63.5″
Slats-8 to 15@59.25″

Want to build the headboard?

Looking to build a King size bed? Check out my how to on that build here:

The board cuts for a Full Size Bed are:
2 @ 74.5″ for Sides
2 @ 57.5″ for Head and Foot
2 @ 77.5″ for two runners
8 to 12 @ 53.25″ for slats.

Cuts for a twin bed:
2@ 74.5″ sides
2@ 42.5″ head/foot
2@ 77.5″ runners
8 to 15 @ 38.25″ slats

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