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China Tools, Amazing Doweling jig you have to see!


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In-depth reviews of China woodworking tools Ep. 27
Amazing “Doweling jig” and “Multi-Row puncher!”

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In this video:

Doweling Jig

Multi Row pucher


My Personal Banggood favorites all time!

1. Doweling Jig / Multi row puncher

2. Kerfmaker

3. Drill guide cabinet jig

4. T-ruler

5. Precision square

Miter square

8. Miter square brass

7. Height gauge


The material used for my workbench and this platform is Black MDF:
Black MDF, something similar to Valchromat. I get it from here: (Netherlands)

Black MDF.

Here is a list of viewer’s suggestions where you can buy Black MDF or Valchromat or Forescolor.








NSW Australia, Laminex has the black MFD

A few products from this review were sent to me by Banggood for testing.
This does not mean that I do get all my products. I review also a lot of products I bought myself.
I started these reviews because from my experience not every tool from China was worth buying. So I wanted to make in-depth reviews to show you which products you should consider and which product you better leave alone. The fact that Banggood sent me products occasionally does not change the way I make my reviews. I still give in-depth reviews and give you my honest opinion!

On this, you can count on!

I have a good experience with Banggood.com and they have a lot of woodworking tools nicely organized on their site.

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Products I use in my workshop

Table saw with dust system:

Harvey HW110GL Europe edition with sliding table
Harvey / Axminster trade S-12 overhead blade guard
Dust extraction: HBM 200
Oneida Super dust deputy 6”

Incra master-R-router lift
AEG 1400w router
Incra 25″ SL positioner with Wonder Fence

Drill press: Jet JDP 15B
Miter saw: Festool Kapex 60

Different links to products I use

Axminster trade hold down clamps
Piher Rail guide clamps
Micro Jig dovetail clamps
Bessey parallel clamps
Axminster trade parallel clamps

Push blocks
Micro Jig Gripper
Incra Push block
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