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Laura ten Zeldam: Brandschilderen + Glas in lood


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Laura ten Zeldam was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1988. After graduating the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK, Bachelor of Fine Art in Education) july 2011, she is now based in Brussels, Belgium.

Feeling like she always has been and ever will be an artist, she states that: art is not about emotion, art is emotion. Art is not about life, art is life.
This belief has made her work very honest, integer and personal, though it is always accessible for a wide audience and applicable in many projects.

The material she loves the most is light. As light is not a tangible material itself, she works with it by the use of glass, wood and lead.
Being both a craftsman and an artist, she makes unique artworks (lightworks) that show a high level of technical skill, are carefully balanced in design, and contain an inner spirituality.