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FABULAND is BACK! (and you better RUN) | TOP 10 MOCs of the Week


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U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek by Kevin Walter in our online store!


Send your Fan MOCs for the next episode to: brickvaultfanmocs@gmail.com
If you wanna submit your MOC for next Sunday’s episode, here are some preferred guidelines:

Maximum of 5 (FIVE) images per MOC / builder. Pick the best ones you have, DON’T send ALL of them! 🙂 Please, do not send videos.
-Try to ATTACH your files to the e-mail, do not embed them into the text field of the e-mail
– NO links to your Ideas project website / Google pics gallery, etc. – pics MUST be attached to the e-mail.
– Try to take you pictures with a good lighting and use the best camera at your disposal.
– Do not embed any logos / titles / watermarks directing to your business / YouTube channel / etc. into any of the submitted pictures

CC House by kofi

Americana: Mustang Hardtop barn find by Norton74

1959 Salem Ameriliner Library Bus by Chris Elliott

Fabuwars by Andreas Lenander

Château du Dragon by Corvus Auriac MOCs

Microscale IKEA Store by cubo31

Kuiper Belt Brawler by Zane Houston

Wasteland Monocycle (and cute Mechs!) by Daniel Church


Aquazone is back 🙂 by Tim Goddard

Scrooge McDuck by Logan W.

Extras, extras, give them a follow on Flickr!

The Four Devine Beasts

[Public BRICKstory]  Amphitheatrum Flavium - Colosseum (2019)

Ronin on Black Water Canal (from "Titanfall 2")

The Forging of the Rings

Tokyo Isuzu Fire Engine


Batmans Grinder

Music: Johan Lilja (DJ Quads)

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